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Schools involved


Salvemini is a vocational, technical school for students aged 14-19. Courses in management and business, tourism, graphic communication and Information technology.

Sultanahmet Suphi Pasa Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Sultanahmet Suphi Paşa MTAL,established in 1883, is not only the first commercial vocational high school of İstanbul, but also Turkey. There re two departments : “ Accountancy and Finance” and “ ICT “ . It has about 600 students aged 14-18

Lycée Professionnel François de Mahy

Francois de Mahy vocational school extends on 4 hectares. Our school is located in Saint Pierre in Reunion Island, a French overseas department. The biggest in size, it counts also the largest number of pupils in vocational training: 1340 pupils divided into some 54 tertiary and industrial training classes of which is added a European class in Commerce. Our pupils are French and some come from Mayotte, another French overseas department.

Zespół Szkół Łączności

Zespół Szkół Łączności was established in 1947. ZSŁ is located in Gliwice, south of Poland. In September 2016 City Council of Gliwice decided to join two big vocational schools and one comprehensive school, as a result nowadays there are about 870 students, and 95 teachers. Our students are taught in five specialties, such as IT, logistics, forwarding, electronics and electricians.

Berufskolleg Simmerath / Stolberg der Staedteregion Aachen

The vocational and further education school is situated at two locations, one in Stolberg, an industrial town near Aachen, and the second one in Simmerath, in the Eifel national park. It is based in the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia and in the heart of the EUREGIO Maas-Rhine, a region where the borders of Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany meet. This border triangle within Europe offers great opportunities for cross-border cooperation and mobility in different fields. Since 2012 the school has officially been certified as a “European School”.

Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium

Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium is located in the second biggest city in Lithuania. It has around 650 students and 65 teachers. The majority of pupils attending the school family socio-economic status is the average. Gymnasium pupils for a 100% gain secondary education, but some of the students have low learning motivation. Gymnasium cares for the community culture, seeks exclusivity, values education, preservation of traditions, tolerance education, non-formal education (music education, choreography, sports education, arts education, drama) are of great importance at school.