What's Our objective ?

Project Products


Objective of the product: To celebrate the European spirit through the realization of a practical object as a symbol of successful cooperation.This sign with led lights, reflecting European city culture can be used as an example of awareness to similar things for our schools ( eg : energy saving..) Achieved: During the TPM1 France (Reunion Island) and LTT 1 Lithuania Mobilities of our project, partner school students and teachers worked on the "Euro Model" product by performing their expertise on the project product with a good harmony and teamwork.

In the creation of the product:

The German school took part in the preparation of the wooden base of the product. The French School; in the preparation of the country map designs on the wooden base of the product. The Italian School; in the production of the symbols representing the partner countries with their 3D printers. The Turkish School; in the preparation of QR codes and links on the product. The Lithuanian School; in developing a funny puzzle game that can be played on the product and in the provision of technical support, material and workshop facilities. The Polish School; in the preparation and combining of electronic infrastructure and electronic components on the model and finally making the product functional. In this way, all the partner teachers and students have had the opportunity to reflect their expertise to the project product and by working together, they have adopted the project based working strategy which is one of our project implementation methodologies. It enabled them to reflect 21st century key skills such as teamwork, collaboration, time management and problem solving. In this context, based on the fact that we can be stronger together, it has created a significant awareness and a good message in terms of both the European Spirit and Energy Saving, Nature Conservation.

Bussines Network App (Digital Teacher)

Objective of the product: Application software for Android mobile devices aimed at facilitating possible common problems students may encounter in their trainings and business life and thus can benefit from it in need.
It is a smartphone app and reference guide for students. It includes videos, questionnaires, information texts that help the users learn and get the use of financial literacy, commercial terms, rules of correspondence, time management, team work and other soft skills that needed for a sustainable and qualified career. It is available for free downloading from Google Play Stores.

Check the app by yourself !

Hybrid Augmented Coursebook with QR Codes

Objective of the product: To produce a digital learning tool to facilitate the study of a curriculum subject in professional education starting from specific students needs observed during teaching.
With this project, a bedside guide book was prepared for internship students and vocational teachers educating them, which contains important information in gaining the 21st century key skills, soft and social and cognitive skills required in today's business world.

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